I’m Katherine and I’m obsessed with capturing memories.

Why did I create Always Be….why do I love keepsake jewellery?

  • Seeing families go through the hardest of events of their lives in my work in healthcare (17 yrs NHS) & the childrens charity sector – Life is short!
  • My own experience with my mum & the lack of keepsakes offered when we sadly lost mum in 2006.
  • An obsession with no one missing out on capturing memories like I felt I did with mum when she was poorly and that I feel we all do to some extent daily.
  • A love of creating jewellery (which is a great stress buster).
  • My endeavour to create and capture the best memories for my two gorgeous boys.

to me Always Be was meant to be!

I say all of this and yet my memory is pretty awful especially for things in my childhood.

I tend to remember the weirdest things from childhood, generally the routine moments. Here are a few…..

My point in telling you all of this is that you really never know what will be a lasting memory for anyone or for yourself. They can be the routines you do every day, the special places you visit or the emotion that is evoked by a particular event or time.

I hope that explains my obsession with capturing memories. I love that handprints, fingerprints are all individual, there is none alike, they are that person, they are a perfect keepsake. Keepsake jewellery can keep loved ones so close. And the range of sentiment keepsakes and gifts are fabulous for those, like me, who did not have any prints to use, or perhaps aren’t appropriate for the occasion.