You can’t capture a memory you haven’t made?

I always say “you can’t capture a memory you haven’t made”

I try and create experiences with my family so that we have something to capture. But have you ever arranged something and the memory about that moment has been completely different to what you intended it to be??


The picture is of my kids and I at Bluebell Woods, a local beauty spot only open when the Bluebells are in bloom. I took them to experience the beauty of the Bluebells and have a wander in the woods together… “oh what a lovely day mummy” they’d say… they’d always remember the bluebells I thought.  That was the intention,  that was the moment I intended to create in our memories.


Oh no….that’s not what our memories are of that day! It looked great weather in that picture but my word it turned. My kids memory of the day is of my youngest reaching over a barbed wire fence and cutting his arm, seeing pigs and when there was a downpour we sat on hay bales, in the rain, eating cake with my eldest wrapped in a picnic blanket (note the fleece jacket rather than waterproof!). My memory is obviously a little more, the beauty of the Bluebells (yes that was my intention lol), the kids swinging on the rope swing, the nice lady who saw me trying to do a selfie with the kids and took that photo above for me (so grateful), as well as their memories of course.

Sometimes what we intended to be the moment to remember isn’t and do you know what that’s ok. They are the real memories of those moments, they are the memories of our lives ….. I wouldn’t change that day for anything xx


PS Nor this one…..the nice evening trip to Twycross zoo where the intention was to see the animals, watch the band that was on, have an amazing picnic sat on the grass dancing about…… the moments my kids remember are eating said picnic in the car as it was absolutely tipping it down, the birds feeding off my eldest hand and wandering seeing animals in the rain dodging puddles. We still had fun!! Life’s what you make it!

PPS Here is the link for when Bluebell Woods is open this year (here)


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One thought on “You can’t capture a memory you haven’t made?

  1. I love this – it is so true. Sometimes memories aren’t as “ideal” as you imagined but they often end up better xx

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