How I Found My Purpose?

There is no truer phrase for how I found my purpose!

Throughout school I knew I wanted to help others as a career… I didn’t know what that would be just that it would help people. This vague, but consistent, urge led me to leave school and commence a long career in the NHS. I dealt with the extreme situations this environment always provides. One day you see a patient improving, the next everyone appears to be passing away around you, the next situations arise which you think could happen to you or someone you love just as easily. I learnt that skill all professionals who have to deal with the best and the worst does ….you put your own emotions to one side so you can do the best you possibly can for that patient and family. Does anyone relate to this? My coping mechanism during this without doubt was my passion in doing my job the very best I could, my love of craft to destress, my amazing work colleagues, friends and family to talk to. I’d go home and hug my boyfriend tighter (and when the munchkins arrived them too) there’s no doubt about it.   


Then my world changed forever. During a five year period I lost my Mum, my Gran and my Uncle and had two wonderful children. The great Circle of Life.

This is my Mum and here are my boys (now 6 & 8….yes they are full of life and trouble and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! x)  She’d have been very proud of my two cheeky chaps had she met them. 


To say these events changed me would be a massive understatement and infact when I lost my mum I never thought I’d return to healthcare but I did for another few years. I then left taking up roles in the charity sector helping childrens hospices and families of children with terminal illness. I couldn’t change their prognosis but I could give them the tools and opportunities to make memories; it is so rewarding (yes I still work for a charity). 


But then another event rocked my world…my marriage fell apart. As when mum died you look at life differently and reassess just about everything. Your family dynamic and everyones needs change! I needed to find something that worked, that gave me still that passion and fulfilment. So I looked at what I was PASSIONATE about…..things I loved about my life, my career…. I came up with a list … I loved helping people, I loved to care, I loved memory making, I loved craft, I loved my kids. I realised then that when mum was poorly, and especially once she had decided to stop treatment, we forgot to make memories. Yes we had those spontaneous events that happened that I cherish but we didn’t go out and make them….why? Was she too poorly? Did she just not want too? My memory unfortunately betrays me now as to the reasons…perhaps we were just too busy caring?  But how could I resolve all of these thoughts bouncing around in my head?


Finding fingerprint and handprint jewellery was my revelation. 

When Mum passed away we never got offered to get her handprints or fingerprints….maybe there was a service out there but it wasn’t one that was bought to my attention. Would I have accepted the offer anyway? I had done my kids prints when they were born (its a right of passage isn’t it) but why didn’t it occur to me to do this for mum.

So that’s when I realised I had a PASSION for making memories and for helping others and now I had found my PURPOSE which I think I had been indirectly nuturing for years.…who knew!!




I now offer lots of services to CAPTURE MEMORIES including making fingerprint and handprint charms. I also offer fingerprint and inkless handprint kits independently of any need to make jewellery……its so important to me that you DO NOT MISS THE CHANCE like I did.


My MISSION is that everyone gets offered a handprint or fingerprint if a loved one passes, or better still they make one for loved ones now.


Of course prints are for the living too. My beautiful boys fingerprints are now immortalised in silver so it feels like they are with me always. I’ve got my fingerprint immortalised in silver for my boys (just in case….sorry bit morbid but I feel a sense of peace having it already done for them and have been told others feel the same when they have one made!). Over the past year I have printed, and made jewellery, of grandkids for grandparents, kids for parents, parents for kids and had the honour of printing people that have sadly gained their wings and passed, some that have been made into jewellery and others that have just had prints done and kept as a keepsake ……its been my pleasure to help everyone CAPTURE THE MEMORY .


If you are struggling to find your passion, your purpose …it will come…it may be something you’ve been nurturing without knowing it….it may be something radically new. Whatever it is and whenever you find it go for it. xx





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