Do your kids say this on occasion at night? My kids used to say it a fair bit….”Mum……I cant sleep!!!”. And then the continual going upstairs… then downstairs…then upstairs…and downstairs would begin…you know how this goes right!

We tried the usual of counting sheep…this concept is lost on them or they’d count constantly out loud. As my kids share a room this didn’t go down well with either of them and would cause argument. Apparently neither their quiet voices or internal voices work at night! lol

Then, and I don’t know where it came from, we developed the concept of the cloud!!! They had to imagine a cloud and on that cloud they could put all the things they were going to dream about. The cloud could be in any colours they wanted, with anything they wanted on it.

So most nights they tell me what colour their cloud is and what’s on it, sometimes if we’ve a little extra time at bedtime they’ll draw their clouds (my kids do like a bit of colouring in their wind down time before bed).

Here’s my eldest’s cloud from the other day…….

a lovely picture of us all on our way to the beach (we had a trip to Devon the other weekend). Our trip is clearly still on his mind, in fact he found a new thing to do on holiday….body boarding…I couldn’t get him out of the sea (I’ve now had to buy a wetsuit for next time we go!). So here he is with his iPod, bodyboard, my youngest has a bucket and spade, I have a weird hat on and have our trusty dog, Fred, with us off to the beach…I love it!

My youngest’s cloud ….

well this was a mixture! He was pleased as punch with his footy medal and despite the awful rain at the footy tournament at the weekend the whole team did so well …just needed drying out in between games! The panda I thought was a bit random but he said it was from an idea he’d shared with his teacher, apparently something had to come out of something…a hole I think (I was listening honestly!) and he said three pandas, she thought it was an awesome idea…pleased as punch again so it got prize position on his cloud! No idea what the monkey is doing on the cloud but its his cloud so who am I to argue. And there’s me saying “No” to the dog….I do that a lot lol! Love it!

I hope the memory of our cloud making will get passed on to their children. I know if we fall out of the habit the kids will remind me we haven’t done the cloud thing for a while so I think its become part of those childhood memories we treasure. Fingers crossed.

What are your childhood memories of bedtime? I remember we had a book…365 stories…so every night would be a different story or poem. Here’s a classic one that amazon do currently (HERE) but you can get lots of different versions.

What do you use to help your kids settle down and go to sleep. I’d love to hear?

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