Remembering Angels

There is nothing I can say to take away the pain of losing a loved one, my heart goes out to you.

Should you wish to get a handprint, footprint or fingerprint as a treasured memory we can send you kits that either a funeral director or you can use. There is no obligation to make this into jewellery or keepsakes unless that is your specific wish.

Its fundamental to Always Be that the kits are available to you and that you then have time to decide what you would like to do with the prints you have obtained. We understand that at such a distressing time, and with many decisions to make, choosing jewellery is maybe the last thing you want to do. That said though you cant go back so at least if you have prints then you can decide later. We have had families get prints and just keep them as keepsakes in their own right, others having jewellery made up to a year or so later, others know what they want jewellery wise straight away.

We post a moulding kit for fingerprints and/or an inkless print kit for hand and footprints out to you with clear instructions on how to use them. We can also use prints you may already have.

If you are within the area of Always Be Keepsakes office, and we have availability, then we will endeavour to take the prints ourselves so that your stress is minimised further.

If, like me, you didn’t get chance for prints we also have a range of keepsakes that can be personalised for you to treasure.

Sending you love, and for those who have sadly gained their wings, fly high.

Katherine x

So the story behind the bracelet you recently made me. My cousin should have got married last September but sadly her dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three weeks before. Two days before her wedding day, they decided to postpone because her dad was so ill. He passed away on what should have been the happiest day of her life. She gets married tomorrow and her sister kindly let me have the handprint of their dad. Her sisters gave her the bracelet for us this evening (we knew there would be tears) with a card saying that we wanted her to hold her dad’s hand as she walked down the aisle. What a wonderful gift that you created. Thank you so much, I have no words xxx