Mess Free Handprints ……Really??

Handprints and footprints are so important and are usually captured when our kids are little… all must have done them?

Usually it involves carefully getting the paint mixed and stripping your child off before doing the handprint. Then strategically holding their arm up high as you lead them to the sink to get washed up before they print your walls and furniture lol!!

This is my sons handprint on a tile fromĀ school just last Christmas and my friend makes prints into a Christmas themed picture every year – this year footprints were made into penguins…very creative! There are so many ideas on handprint and footprint crafts (check these out from pinterest).

Can we use these or any other prints you may have from the past to make charms? Yes! They just need scanning in and a copy sending to us. We then do our thing and make them into charms.


By capturing prints from our children, at different times of their young lives, we are always reminded quite how tiny they were. I often put my hands up to my children’s and see just how much they have grown. Having boys I have no doubt that they will have bigger hands than me one day and no doubt tower over me!

“I give my hand
to you this day!
Remember me now,
as I grow and play”

But lets say mess isn’t a thing you relish….I know many that hate the thought of paint…play doh…clay….slime (very popular lately) and my ultimate fear ……glitter!! Did any one catch this video… makes me cry with laughter!

Lets not forget that capturing prints isn’t only for little ones though. We print many adults for charms… Dad is almost 70 and he would run a mile if I came near him with some paint and I’m sure he’s not alone! There is a solution …. the INKLESS PRINT KIT and its completely MESS FREE.

Our inkless print kits are exactly that…INKLESS. Its a bit of magic! A special cloth wiped over the hand or foot which is then rested on special reactive paper. The detail you get is amazing and it is all MESS FREE. Whats not to love?! These are then sent to us, or scanned and emailed over and we do our magic to make it into a charm.


Its important to say that I actually NEVER close for print kits needed urgently. As the print kits are inkless then there is no residue and so capturing them is straightforward which is reassuring for a family. They are also available separately (here) so there is no obligation to make them into charms. You could capture a print and then keep it as a keepsake. Its so important to me that on urgent occasions that you NEVER MISS THE CHANCE to capture the memory.

During the recent holiday period I had the honour of capturing prints on a gentleman that had sadly passed away. Like I said I NEVER close for urgent prints and, if local and I have availability, I will take the prints myself. If I’m not available, or the family are not local, healthcare professionals and funeral directors will take the prints for families without any problem. I know the family I helped over Christmas appreciated the personal service and I am honoured to have been able to do this for them and many others since we started business.

We run print taking events throughout the year as well…perhaps you are not confident at taking them or perhaps you’d like them taken in secret so your loved one doesn’t find out what you are planning for their special gift. Our first print taking event for children and families will be at the Copper Leaf Art and Craft Cafe in Ashby on 24th February (see ourĀ events page). Please email me at to secure your time slot.

Obviously I keep saying handprints….. but you can use these kits with footprints…..pawprints and I have just seen recently (although not experienced myself) HOOFPRINTS – I have just been lent a horseshoe to try this so keep an eye out hopefully for hoof charms in the near future!!

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