No 1 Dads!!! Our Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day is on 16th June this year and I just wanted to give you a little guide to some limited edition Fathers Day gifts as well as Always Be favourites but first……

My Dad….where to start! I have lots of memories growing up. I would follow him around, watch him fixing things, sorting the garden, building just about anything and everything. Hes taught me to do so many things that I think I surprise my friends what I take on….fixing sheds, painting, sanding, filling, wallpapering, putting shelves up!! That being said he does still help me out now and again but he loves a project and I’m happy to oblige!

But we haven’t always got on. After losing my mum we fell out for a little while, I’m sure if you’ve been through losing a loved one you know how difficult life can get. But we worked at it and we have become really close again.

Its a cliche to say my dad is my hero but he is…he accepts all my imperfections, he listens to my frustrations, we enjoy lots of coffees together, he supports me and the kids so much….they adore him…he’s Grandad Garden to them….a story for another day!

I don’t think Fathers day should be restricted to just Dads do you? Father figures are found in so many places, a boss, a friend, a neighbour, another relative…I wish you joy in celebrating all the fantastic male influences in your life on 16th June. Perhaps it will just be a note to show your appreciation, a call to check in, a little time to think about their influence on your life but if you would like a personalised gift then here are some ideas.

Always Be has a range of limited edition Fathers Day gifts….these will be available for May ordering only! If you’ve read the above I’m sure you see that the personalised hammer is perfect for my Dad. For those that like a tipple we have 6oz and 1oz hip flasks. For the ‘Bank of Dad’ (love that phrase) then we have wallets that can be personalised.

I have to repeat though these particular gifts will only be available to order in May so get ordering now to avoid disappointment!!! I hate having to say sorry you’re too late so please get thinking now

Of course we have a selection of gifts in our Always Be range which are also perfect for those men in your lives. Bottle stoppers, engraved bracelets, dogtags, keyrings, business card holders…so many!!! Please do browse the shop for all sorts of ideas (click on our logo at the bottom of this blog)

Don’t see something your loved one would fancy then please email me at and I’ll see what I can do. I love hearing from you.

*last order date for gifts with hand and footprints is 14th May 2019

For those who find Fathers Day difficult my heart goes out to you xx

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