Our recipe? A lot of love and ….

Love and care are put into every piece of jewellery we create but what else….

what is our jewellery made of and why do we choose the materials we do?


In this day and age its becoming crucial information….we need to know what things are made of….why? well maybe from an ecological point of view and, in this business, aesthetics is clearly important too.  As someone with allergies….I’m allergic to hair dye!!! (Oh no I’m going to have to grow old and grey gracefully – btw this isn’t a problem just yet lol), black henna and nickel, which is found in a lot of fashion and costume jewellery, it becomes essential information. There’s an awful picture in my medical notes of my extreme reactions!! I won’t share even though it is near Halloween! lol


So I thought I’d explain our range a little bit more and particularly what metals are used?


Its important maybe to add here that all of our jewellery range has that ‘silver’ colour to it….why don’t I do gold, rose gold or copper? Well I needed to concentrate on one and the research I did early on showed how silver was increasingly popular and how it was also shown to suit many different skin tones. WIN WIN!! Want to know more check out this article by Grazia. Gold is also increasingly more expensive and I wanted an affordable range. That’s not to say I won’t add to the range later on, I will follow the trends like everyone else. Please let me know what you think in the comments I’d love to hear from you – what’s your ‘go to’ colour of jewellery?


Back to the products though. What is made from what?


Our gorgeous handmade fingerprint and handprint jewellery (not forgetting feet and paws!) is made from 99.9% fine silver. That means that has a silver purity of 99.9%. Wow…amazing right! You really can’t get any better quality than that. Our snake and curb chains are made from 925 Sterling Silver. That means that they have a silver purity of 92.5%. Superb quality.




The majority of our engraved range uses stainless steel especially the charms, keyrings and mens bracelets. Why? Because its smooth, its resistant to scratching and it has hypoallergenic properties and so perfect for the job in those particular keepsakes.



Our other sentiment engraved necklaces and the SOON TO BE LAUNCHED!! hand stamped charms are sterling silver, perfect for beauty, shine and durability and NOT silver plated. I make a point of saying this because of my nemesis Nickel!! The difference between sterling silver and silver plating for everyone interested….I know you are!… is that sterling silver is a mix of 92.5% silver with 7.5% of an additive metal usually copper whereas silver plating is a base metal such as copper, nickel (my nemesis) or brass coated in silver.




So now you know what everything is made of but after all that chat about metals, allergies, durability, quality please don’t forget that we add in a whole lot of love to every piece. 

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