Sneaky wonderful boys!

Sneaky wonderful boys!

We had a really busy Saturday yesterday. As well as the usual clubs…..footy early, then code club we also went to volunteer our time for the bucket collection for YMCA Burton at Burton Albion FC.  

A wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon and everyone gave so generously which was AMAZING!! Thank you! x

It made me very proud of both my boys, I love how both wanted to help others. Check out the links above to find out more about the wonderful work the Burton YMCA does.


This was not quite the point of my little old blog today though….after a busy Saturday we were all meant to have a little sleep in! 

I heard my boys start sneaking down the stairs….I heard them stop and wait to listen to hear if I was stirring….I heard them shush each other if they spoke…..I heard them make their breakfast all by themselves. Sneaky wonderful boys!

Did you ever do this? 

I didn’t rush to get out of bed, they are old enough to make their own breakfast and go downstairs unsupervised, but not because i needed more rest. I remember being that age too…..the fun in the silently going down the stairs without my mum and dad hearing, and having some time to be a little independent.

I did point out to my boys that I would sneak down the stairs and then relish in getting my mum and dad breakfast in bed…..wonderful memories! Maybe that’s a stretch too far for them right now but I’ve planted the seed! One day…..maybe….they’ll sneak downstairs and back up again with a breaky for mum. OK its a dream…but we can all dream!

Do you have memories of making your parents breakfast in bed? What was on the menu? I’d love to hear in the comments 

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