Top 5 items for your Christmas Eve box

So what is this new trend of Christmas Eve boxes…is it a new trend at all and what should you put in them?


Well to me, as a mum, it’s a much less stressful tradition than the ‘Elf on the Shelf’ craze. I actually enjoy this one and have been doing it for the past few years with my boys. 

What are Christmas Eve boxes?

A German tradition to give gifts on Christmas Eve is believed to have started this trend. I think its now a great tradition for kids, adults and pets alike to give a box of treats on Christmas Eve. Some may say its another way of retailers to get more money but I don’t agree.

When I was little we didn’t do this, definitely no opening of presents before Christmas day, BUT my mum always put something on the tree for us. This was usually a hanging stocking filler gift like lip balm or a beauty gift in a bauble, usually found in our lovely Avon catalogue. They still do great stocking fillers and more nowadays and what a great little treat (here) .

As a mum now I find that the Christmas box tradition makes my kids over-excitement calm slightly so they are ready to go to bed on Christmas Eve but also I fill it full of items and activities that make Christmas Eve special for all of us.

What should you put in a Christmas Eve Box?

Well the basic answer to that is anything but here are my 5 favourites….

1. Christmas Pyjamas

I always sort new Christmas PJs every year for us all but the new matching PJs are such fun. One of the problems I find with Santa giving PJs to be opened on Christmas day is that you have your old ones already on! The bonus of giving them the day before is that you all wake up already dressed in the Christmas spirit!

You can go all out and get very Christmassy PJs or maybe a little more subtle….Next have a great range but you will find them in many retailers.

2. Christmas Activity

I love having a little activity in there, something really Christmassy.

Maybe something creative. The Works always have some really affordable crafts or perhaps little baking kits so you can make and decorate you own Christmas cupcakes. Its great to have an excuse to slow down on Christmas Eve and spend quality time together.

3. Christmas Movie

Now this a toughy. In the era of Netflix, Sky movies, Amazon Prime etc then do we actually have a place for a physical DVD anymore. I say YES!!!

I love putting in a little Christmas movie in the box. We snuggle down to watch it all together on Christmas Eve. Its usually a classic movie or maybe even a Christmas animated adventure. What’s your favourite Christmas movie? 

4. Christmas Treats

Well you can’t snuggle up with a movie without have some nibbles! Maybe include some favourite sweets and snacks in the box! I go to the school Christmas Fair and usually get some reindeer hot chocolate cones … have you seen these? They are so easy to make yourselves though (here). And don’t forget your eco-friendly reindeer food … we can’t forget Rudolph and his friends.

5. Christmas Stocking Filler

You can include a little gift perhaps personalised. You all know I love personalisation but it doesn’t need to cost a lot just something they will appreciate that’s just for them. A snuggly toy, a small stationary set, a beauty gift. Again Avon I find great for these (here).

Where to get Christmas Eve boxes?

You can have them personalised and we have some lovely ones in the shop that can be reused year on year … a gift in themselves and an excellent set up to a family tradition (here).

But you can also make your own and decorate them as well yourself! Hobbycraft have great ideas (here).

Who to give Christmas Eve boxes to?

Everyone!!! We all think Christmas is just for kids but don’t forget the grown-ups and your furry friends … just modify your contents.

Maybe replace the reindeer hot chocolate cone with a cheeky bottle of wine/beer (small of course…it needs to fit in the box lol) or for your furry friends a new collar? 

The most important thing I believe about the Christmas Eve box tradition is to enjoy it…don’t make it another thing to do. It’s to help you have a great Christmas Eve!!! 

I’d love to hear about things you pop in your Christmas Eve boxes. Leave me a comment xx

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